table_column.h File Reference

Table_Column Widget. More...

#include "ntw.h"

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ntwWidget * ntw_table_column_new (ntwWidget *parent, char *title, int32 column_number, uint8 render_type, uint8 editable,...)
 Create table_column.

Detailed Description

Table_Column Widget.

A table_column is a widget that is attached to a table, and shows the data of a particular column of a data model. A cell renderer is specified for each column. This affects how the data is displayed. For example, BOOLEAN data might be shown as TRUE or FALSE with a CR_TEXT cell renderer, or it might be shown as a check button with a CR_TOGGLE renderer.

Function Documentation

ntwWidget* ntw_table_column_new ntwWidget *  parent,
char *  title,
int32  column_number,
uint8  render_type,
uint8  editable,

Create table_column.

parent The table this will be displayed in
title The text, if any, shown at the top of the column
column_number The number of the column in the data model to display
render_type The cell renderer to use. May be one of:
  • CR_TEXT - Used to display numbers or strings as text
  • CR_TOGGLE - Displays a BOOLEAN value as a check box. Not used for other data types
  • CR_COMBO - Displays a combo_box to select text values from. Not used for other data types
  • CR_IMAGE - Displays an image_buffer. Not used for other data types
editable Whether or not the user can change the displayed data. Won't have an effect on images.
... If a CR_COMBO is used, there are two arguments required here, the data model, and the column number from that model
Newly created table_column

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