slider.h File Reference

Slider Widget. More...

#include "ntw.h"

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double ntw_slider_get_value (ntwWidget *widget)
 Get slider value.
int ntw_slider_set_value (ntwWidget *widget, double value)
 Set slider value.
ntwWidget * ntw_slider_new (double min, double max, double step, uint8 vertical)
 Create a slider.
void ntw_slider_initialize_callback ()

Detailed Description

Slider Widget.

A slider is a movable selector that can select a range of values.

Function Documentation

double ntw_slider_get_value ntwWidget *  widget  ) 

Get slider value.

widget slider widget to get
Value of slider

ntwWidget* ntw_slider_new double  min,
double  max,
double  step,
uint8  vertical

Create a slider.

min The minimum selectable value
max The maximum selectable value
step The precision of the slider. A value of 1.0 here would let you select any integer between the max and min. A lower value would give greater precision.
vertical The orientation of the slider. TRUE for vertical, FALSE for horizontal.
Newly created slider

int ntw_slider_set_value ntwWidget *  widget,
double  value

Set slider value.

widget slider widget to set
value value (between max and min) to set slider to
-1 on failure

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