grid.h File Reference

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#include "ntw.h"

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ntwWidget * ntw_grid_new (uint16 rows, uint16 columns, uint8 homogeneous)
 Create grid widget.

Detailed Description

Grid Widget.

The grid widget is a widget that can contain multiple children. It has a specified number of rows and columns, and children are laid out automatically according to grid coordinates. Children may occupy more than one cell on the grid. The grid will take care of most resizing and placement of widgets automatically.

Function Documentation

ntwWidget* ntw_grid_new uint16  rows,
uint16  columns,
uint8  homogeneous

Create grid widget.

rows Number of rows in the grid
columns Number of columns in the grid
homogeneous TRUE if all cells should be equally sized and spaced. FALSE if the grid is allowes to resize some cells. Usually FALSE.
Newly created grid

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