combo_box.h File Reference

Combo_Box Widget. More...

#include "ntw.h"

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ntwWidget * ntw_combo_box_new (ntwWidget *list_model, int32 column, uint8 render_type)
 Create combo_box widget.
void ntw_combo_box_initialize_callback ()

Detailed Description

Combo_Box Widget.

The combo_box widget is a drop-down menu of items for a user to choose. It uses a list_model to populate the menu.

Function Documentation

ntwWidget* ntw_combo_box_new ntwWidget *  list_model,
int32  column,
uint8  render_type

Create combo_box widget.

list_model List model used to populate drop-down menu
column column of list model to use
render_type Type of renderer to use. Use CR_TEXT for text or CR_IMAGE for image data
Newly created combo_box

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