check_button.h File Reference

Check_Button Widget. More...

#include "ntw.h"

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uint8 ntw_check_button_get_checked (ntwWidget *widget)
 Get status of check button.
ntwWidget * ntw_check_button_new ()
 Create check_button.
void ntw_check_button_initialize_callback ()

Detailed Description

Check_Button Widget.

A check button is a specialized button that allows for an on/off input. It may contain a single widget.

Function Documentation

uint8 ntw_check_button_get_checked ntwWidget *  widget  ) 

Get status of check button.

widget check_button to get status of
1 if checked, 0 if not checked

ntwWidget* ntw_check_button_new  ) 

Create check_button.

Newly created check_button

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