cached_image.h File Reference

Cached_Image Abstract Widget. More...

#include "ntw.h"

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ntwWidget * ntw_cached_image_new_from_file (char *filename)
 Create cached image buffer.

Detailed Description

Cached_Image Abstract Widget.

The cached_image is an abstract widget which is used to create other widgets. For a cached_image, the image data is cached on disk on the client AND server side, so creating many of the same image from a buffer is much faster than sending the data over the network each time. It's also the most memory-efficient way on the server side to build images.

Note that the client handles cached images exactly like an image_buffer. The only difference is that the server does not store the image in memory.

The cached_image and image_buffer are the only way to include an image in a list or tree model.

If you're not interested in persistence, use cached_image rather than image_buffer for images.

Function Documentation

ntwWidget* ntw_cached_image_new_from_file char *  filename  ) 

Create cached image buffer.

filename Image file to use. Many formats are supported, but JPEG and PNG are recommended
Newly created image buffer

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